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Venture-Backed Companies & Founders

Andersen Tax works with venture-backed, early stage companies who are on a growth track to advise entrepreneurs, owners, founders and other high level executives on personal and business tax decisions that are appropriate for their specific circumstances and future financial goals. Our level of expertise and breadth of services complement the rapidly developing and transforming environment customarily found in emerging businesses because we are capable of advising from beginning to IPO or acquisition and beyond.

We work closely with our clients and build strong relationships to determine and blend the best options to achieve the desired results. The extensive experience individual partners and Andersen Tax as a firm has working with early stage companies ensures reliable, high quality service.

Founders choose us as advisors because of our seamless blend of knowledge in all the areas you care about.

Frequently Asked Questions by Founders

What are the top common tax mistakes that founders make?
  • Choosing the Wrong Legal Entity
    • Review the Andersen Tax Structuring Guide
  • Forgetting about State Taxes
  • Not Keeping Track of All Your Expenses
  • Not paying attention to tax deadlines
  • Misclassifying employees
    • Classifying employees as independent contractors when they aren’t is something that could trigger an audit with the IRS›
Why do I need a 409A Valuation?
409A valuations are most commonly performed to assist companies with setting the strike price for their employee stock options, which needs to be at or above fair market value.  Read More
When is the right time for a 409A Valuation?
Does my company qualify for QSBS?
How do I stay in net operating losses and why should I?
Can I really save $250,000 in payroll tax?
When and how should I start planning for a future exit?
Which expenses are deductible?
  • Business expense must be both ordinary and necessary
    • Ordinary - Common and accepted in your trade or business
    • Necessary - Helpful and appropriate for your trade or business
  • Business expenses cannot be:
    • For illegal activities or fines/penalties
    • Only 50% of meals and entertainment even though they may be ordinary and necessary
  • Personal expenses
    • Lots of requirements/scrutiny around cars/home offices/travel
If my company is not making money, do I need to file?
  • Federal
    • Yes – establishes NOL
  • States
    • Resident state, most likely the same issues as above for income tax
          • Also Sales and Use Return
    • Sales in non-resident states also require you to file Sales and Use return
  • Payroll Taxes
    • Outsource payroll so payroll firm deals with required filings
  • Misc
    • Property
    • Local – especially NYC
    • Filing Fees
          • Including Delaware where most C's are registered