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Andersen Tax


About R&D Credits

In 2015, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) act expanded and made permanent certain benefits to start-ups and small businesses. The R&D tax credit, which was previously temporary and historically only available against the income tax, can now be claimed as offsets to quarterly payroll taxes providing start-ups with up to $250,000 of cash per year for 5 years even if they are in losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

     →    When can I start using these credits?

     →   How soon do I need to take action on this opportunity?

     →   How do I determine my company’s payroll tax liability?

     →   What happens to unused credit?

     →   What are qualifying activities & eligible R&D costs?

     →   Are there any associated risks?

     →   I am not a small business, does any of this apply to me?